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SubjectTalk™ Social Networking Platform Honored for Outstanding Innovation

DEDHAM, Mass--(BUSINESS WIRE)--RNK Communications, a global telecommunications and high-tech services and software provider, today announced that Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC®)’s Internet Telephony magazine ( has named SubjectTalk as a recipient of a 2006 Product of the Year Award. Internet Telephony has been the VoIP Authority Since 1998™.

SubjectTalk was originally developed to provide individuals with a platform to connect via the telephone to other people locally and nationwide who share similar interests. Through the SubjectTalk website itself,, individuals are able to browse subjects, recommend new subjects, and schedule appointments to talk about a particular subjects(s). RNK’s service also empowers callers with safeguards, connecting callers anonymously to protect their privacy (the exchange of telephone numbers is unnecessary). Also of note, is a caller’s ability to disconnect from a person with whom he or she is talking at their convenience, and easily connect to the next available caller. Or, if a caller does not want to be connected to a specific person on a particular subject again, they can “deep 6” that caller.

The original concept for social networking evolved to permit the complete integration of SubjectTalk’s technology into a customer’s existing website, such as those of corporations, universities/colleges and non-profit organizations. Subjects can be customized to address those topics of relevance to a particular organization, and each subject is associated with a telephone number that people can dial into at any time, day or night, to connect with others to discuss virtually any subject they can think of. Every dial-in subject provides advertisement opportunities for an organization’s own products/services, or those of its sponsors through customized voice prompts.

“As the next logical step to e-bulletin boards, blogs and instant messaging, SubjectTalk allows callers to talk anonymously, without exchanging phone numbers. When you talk electronically, the human interaction that you have when you talk over the telephone is missing,” said Leah Williams, V.P., Product Development, RNK Communications. “SubjectTalk provides a way for people, especially those individuals who may not be computer savvy, to exchange information, share opinions and offer unique perspectives on various subjects while still retaining anonymity.

“In fact, in less than one year, we’re seeing tremendous interest in our social networking platform, and hearing very positive feedback from customers including New England’s The Remy Report, The Lowell Sun newspaper, and the USO of New England.”

“Internet Telephony is proud to bestow RNK Communications with a 2006 Product of the Year Award. Each year INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine recognizes companies that have demonstrated excellence in technological advancement and application refinements,” said Rich Tehrani, TMC president and editor-in-chief of Internet Telephony magazine. “RNK has proven they are committed to quality and excellence while addressing real needs in the marketplace. We’re proud to honor their hard work and accomplishments and look forward to more innovative solutions from them in the future.”

“SubjectTalk represents one of the first examples of viable voice communities – a concept I have believed in for some time now. The market for these communities will continue to grow as groups on the Internet will want to use their voice – the most natural communications interface. I applaud RNK for introducing its SubjectTalk and for building a business model that leverages this new and intriguing group telecommunications medium.”

A full list of Product of the Year winners will be published in the February 2007 issue of Internet Telephony magazine. (

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