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openIn an ordinary patent suit, the point is compensation. This is no ordinary patent case. It's not about money for Verizon; it's a warning shot fired loud and clear.close

–Richard Koch, CEO...on the court's decision in the recent patent lawsuit filed by Verizon against Vonage... (Baltimore Sun newspaper)


openWe are partnering with newspapers, online classified companies and others…we provide temporary phone numbers at low cost, and customers keep them for as long as needed. The idea is to do it for small dollars and large volumes.close

–Kevin Rohnstrom, Director of New Product Development...on RNK's new product: MyTempNumber... (Telephony Magazine)


openSecuring liability parity for VoIP providers is paramount, say industry insiders. For one thing, providers cannot effectively operate in a state of uncertainty...To some extent, you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.close

–Doug Denny-Brown, General Counsel...on how incumbent telcos can add to pure-play VoIP providers’ E911 problems... (xchange magazine)

openCompanies like Vonage are setting the profitability bar so low...when they're satisfied with losses of $140 million per quarter, it's really hard to compete with that.close

–Kevin Rohnstrom, Director of New Product Development...on the challenges facing VoIP service providers from executives attending Internet Telephony Conference and Expo East... (Phone+ magazine)


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