Company Culture

RNK’s staying power, as well as its growth into a world-class innovator, is grounded in its workplace culture. RNK’s leadership believes customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction go hand and hand. The quality of RNK’s products and services directly depends on the dedicated efforts of motivated, involved, and empowered employees. Their ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit is the driving force behind RNK’s cutting-edge portfolio, streamlined business processes, and expansion into new markets.

The character of RNK’s employees is equally important. RNK built its reputation for exceptional customer service by hiring the right kind of people. The many diverse and talented individuals who work here would never had made the RNK team without one essential requirement: They care about other people. 

To sustain the high morale and nurture the creativity of its employees, RNK maintains an open, stimulating, and supportive work environment. Company policies and procedures are designed to respect individuals and to encourage them to grow in new directions. RNK shows how much it values its employees by supporting their ongoing professional development with onsite training and tuition reimbursement, and rewarding their contributions with salary increases and advancement within the company.

The most accurate measure of a company’s character is the enthusiasm of its employees. Last year, more than 50 percent of RNK’s new hires came from a pool of RNK employees and the people they referred—there’s no better proof that the people here are excited about their jobs. RNK’s leadership thinks that’s how it should be. When people love what they do, they do it better. If you’re looking for challenging, rewarding work in an upbeat and people-oriented environment, check out the opportunities listed on RNK’s Career Center page, today.

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