Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Prepaid Phone Card?

A prepaid phone card is a card made of paper or plastic that has a Personal Identification Number (PIN) assigned to it. You purchase calling time in advance. The calling time you prepay for is associated with your PIN. The amount of calling time you receive depends on the type of phone card you purchased and the destination you are calling. Prepaid calling cards have much better rates than traditional phone service or a traditional long distance Company. Prepaid phone cards are an excellent way of controlling your budget.

What is a prepaid online PIN?

A prepaid online PIN is a Personal Identification Number that is offered to you without a card. The PIN has an amount of calling time that you pay for in advance. Online PINs are usually sold via online stores ( available on the World Wide Web. The amount of calling time you receive depends on t he type of PIN you purchased and the destination you are calling. Prepaid PINs have the same benefits as a prepaid calling card with the added benefit that you can purchase a PIN from any computer that is connected to the Internet.

Where can I use a Prepaid Phone Card?

RNK has several different types of prepaid phone cards. Please click on the Prepaid Store for a brief description of all of the RNK Prepaid phone cards. If your card has access numbers local to the number you are calling from, you can place calls using the local access numbers. Please check the back of the card for the location of specific areas where there are local access numbers. If your card has a toll free access number, you may make a call from anywhere in the Continental U.S. (Excludes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands)

Are there any hidden fees, surcharges, connection fees, maintenance fees on the RNKprepaid cards?

No, there are no hidden fees, surcharges, connection fees, maintenance fees on the RNKprepaid cards. The minutes we advertise are the same you will get whether you call one time or multiple times, make short calls or long calls. RNK prepaid products have an established reputation for delivering the best quality service and the same time we advertise. No tricks.

What if I make a call and no one answers or I receive a busy signal? Will I get charged?

No, you will not get charged for the call. You will only be billed for calls that are actually answered. You will be charged for calls answered by voice mail systems or answering machines.

Does using the toll free access number incur any additional costs?

Yes. Using our toll free access number will incur an additional rate per minute charge. Please check the description of the PIN you have chosen to find out the exact rate.

Do I have to use the toll free access number?

No. In fact RNK Communications has local access numbers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Using a local access number will not incur any additional charges. Please verify with your local phone company to see if calling the access number you have chosen is a toll free call from the number you are calling from.

Do the rates stay the same 24 hours a day?

RNK Communicationss low per minute rates stays the same throughout the day. We do not charge more to talk during certain "peak" hours.

Do I get charged anything on my regular phone bill?

No. Your RNK Prepaid Calling Card has nothing to do with your regular phone bill.

Am I able to make International calls?

Yes, with some RNK Communications Prepaid Calling Cards you are able to call anywhere in the world, at anytime. Please look over your card to find out if you are able to make International calls.

Are there any additional charges from a payphone?

Yes. Due to an FCC ruling there is a required on time payphone charge to compensate the owners of the payphone service. Please look on the back of your card to find out the exact amount of the surcharge.

How are calls billed?

Calls are billed at a per minute rate. There are no hidden surcharges, connection fees or first time usage fees.

Will my card expire?

Yes. Most RNK Communications Prepaid Calling Cards expire six months after first use or six months after the last recharge. However, please check the back of your card to verify the length of expiration for your particular card.



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