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RNK’s mission as a global communications provider is to sustain mutually valuable relationships with its customers, employees, and community. Best-in-class technologies, streamlined business processes, and solid ethical standards ensure every business and residential customer gets exactly what RNK promises: affordable custom solutions and a consistently satisfying customer experience. RNK remains committed to distinguishing itself as a highly competitive and profitable business that earns loyalty and respect by putting people first.

Corporate Profile
RNK Communications (RNK) is a full-service global telecommunications provider headquartered in Dedham, Massachusetts. Since its founding as a competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) in 1997, the privately held corporation has continued to expand and diversify to meet the changing needs of the telecom market. Sound business strategy, time-tested values, and clear vision have fueled RNK’s long-term success in a volatile industry. The company’s consistent track record of growth and profitability speaks to its ability to not only satisfy customers but also earn their enduring loyalty. Built on a rock-solid commitment to quality, reliability, and integrity, RNK stands out as the global communications provider customers can count on to go the distance.

Strength, Creativity, and the Agility to Turn on a Dime
Why choose RNK as your telecom provider? The answer is simple—because RNK has what it takes to deliver on its promises:

Comprehensive Resources
- Robust fully redundant network with worldwide access and termination points
- State-of the-art nationwide switching facilities
- Full back-office functionality
- World-class custom software development
- Unmatched customer service
- Experience and capabilities of a fully regulated phone carrier

Long-Term Stability
- Direct network ownership
- Financial health

Outstanding Operational Efficiencies
- Direct network management and performance monitoring
- Streamlined business processes
- 24/7 technical support

With every prerequisite for seamless uninterrupted connectivity in place, your investment in RNK products and services is guaranteed to yield maximum return in tangible business value.


Whether you’re small local reseller, a regional carrier, or a major international telecom enterprise, the reliability of the network and applications that support your business operations is too critical to entrust to untested providers. RNK’s proven ability to look to the future, while paying equal attention to the bottom line, makes it the provider of choice for wholesale and retail customers seeking path-breaking products and services at an affordable price.

From Expansive Network Coverage, Capacity, and Capabilities…
RNK’s robust high-speed network delivers competitively priced state-of-the-art telephone and Internet services to thousands of subscribers worldwide. RNK also offers customers the service advantages of a fully regulated phone company. RNK can assign and port phone numbers quickly and easily, and its interconnection with the public network switching network means customers can make calls from anywhere in the world. 

…To Powerful, Revenue-Generating Solutions to Fit Every Need
RNK’s extensive application suite spans the full range of traditional and next-generation products and services. In addition to local and long-distance phone service calling, prepaid calling cards, and Internet calling (VoIP), RNK offers a variety of innovative phone number services. With next-generation features such as international direct inward dialing (DID) numbers, MyTempNumber,™ and PhoneBank, customers are assured of the utmost convenience and control over their calling experience. Most important, RNK customers never have to settle for one-size-fits-all solutions. The flexibility of the company’s proprietary software packages and talented in-house developers ensures customers get what they want when they want it: fast, affordable development and superior custom applications—that fit their exact requirements.

Solutions Portfolio: From Call Origination to End-to-End Connectivity   
RNK’s full range of innovative, customizable choices assures customers of scalable integrated solutions to all their voice, Internet, and data needs:

  • RNK CarrierChoose a seasoned carrier with the network capacity and in-house capabilities for multiple origination and termination services plus premium network solutions tailored to the needs of your customers.
  • RNK Innovation—Differentiate your business from the competition with flexible cutting-edge voice applications.
  • RNK PrepaidEnsure reliable connectivity and affordable rates for international and domestic callers with the latest in prepaid products and services.
  • RNK VoIP— Increase traffic and drive revenue with the features, availability, and quality of service your broadband customers demand—at highly competitive rates.


For the many telecoms struggling to retain customers, the customer-centric business model is a radical new idea. At RNK, the importance of listening and responding to customers’ needs has been common knowledge from day one. Customer-centric systems, processes, and solutions are all simply business as usual. Built from the ground up as a customer-driven company, RNK earns your loyalty by optimizing every point of contact in the customer lifecycle. From products and services that ensure concrete business benefits and long-term value to top-fight support specialists and efficient, accurate billing, the building blocks of mutually profitable long-term relationships are solidly in place at RNK.

Empowering Your Business with Custom Branding
The proof of RNK’s dedication to promoting its customers’ efficiency, growth, and profitability is in its portfolio. RNK’s customizable products and services can be tailored to the specific needs of your customer base and distributed as private label offerings with seamless, dependable back-office support. This focus on empowering you to deliver value-added services that extend your brand’s market reach and strengthen its identity is a core attribute of the customer experience at RNK.

Keeping It Simple
RNK’s sustained success is grounded in one basic business rule: Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. RNK maintains the loyalty of its customers by sticking with a commonsense approach to business:  Make every customer interaction simple, straightforward, and rewarding.

Getting All the Details Right
Competent, Courteous Customer Care
A single phone call can say a lot to a customer. How many times have you been greeted by a machine, chirping, “your call is important to us,” only to be abandoned to an endless holding pattern or a maze of dead-end connections?

RNK doesn’t tell you it cares; it shows you. Every call to the customer support line immediately connects to a real, live person. RNK’s 24/7 multilingual staff of expert customer service agents and technical support specialists listen to your questions and concerns and respond with fast, accurate answers.

To provide a consistently satisfying customer experience, RNK proactively manages every aspect of the customer lifecycle. State-of-the-art software tools provide agents with fingertip access to the exact information you need and continuously monitor operational performance. RNK’s constant diligence testifies to its respect for customers. RNK dedicates substantial time and resources to detecting and rectifying potential service breaches before they try patience and waste your valuable time.

Flexible, Pain-Free Billing
Like all its capabilities, RNK’s account management system is designed to accommodate each customer’s individual needs with flexible billing options. RNK’s consolidated invoices list the itemized charges for each product and service purchased—with no hidden fees or surcharges squeezed in between the lines. That kind of thing just isn’t RNK’s style.


The RNK Difference
RNK’s competitive advantage has nothing to do with flashy promotions, come-ons, or gimmicks. Telecoms that rely on the latest marketing fads are missing the point. To succeed, telecom providers have to give people what they really want—communication that’s simple, reliable, and clear. And nobody does that than better than RNK.


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